Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NZALT Waikato 2012

The NZALT Waikato executive was re/elected at the Dec 2011 AGM:
President - Natalie Blackburn, Hamilton Boys' HS: mcmahonc@xtra.co.nz
Secretary - Britta Frogley, Berkley Normal Middle School: brit@berkley.school.nz
Regional Officer - Christine Williams, Matamata College: WI@matamatacollege.school.nz
Treasurer - David Hall, St Peter's: DavidH@stpeters.school.nz
The role of Communications Person was added after the Feb meeting - Jeanne Gilbert: jeanneg@waikato.ac.nz
Special thanks to these people for the work they will undertake on behalf of Waikato teachers in 2012.
Meetings for 2012: Feb 23 @ 4.30 at Hamilton BHS; May 10 @ 4.30 at St Peter's; September 6 @ 4.30 at Hamilton Girls'; and AGM Nov 22 @ 4.30 at Dio (TBC)